Getting the best odds when betting on football

The popularity of sports betting and football betting, in particular, has exploded in recent years. It is impossible to turn on a network like Sky to watch football without being exposed to a huge number of adverts imploring you to bet on a football match.

The secret to getting the best odds on a football bet is all about timing. The majority of fans place their bets before the match begins and the odds that they are offered will be based on the form of both teams and any particular players.

However, punters also have the option of using what is known as ‘in play betting’. This allows them to place a bet once a game is already in progress.

This means that the odds will be set according to the way that the game is going. This offers savvy (or brave) punters the chance to make extra cash when a team manages to turn a game around by improving their performance – making football betting even more exciting for everyone.

How to bet on a football match

Once you have decided the match, you want to bet on and the outcome that you want to bet on, head to a site like mFortune to place your bet. These sites make it easy to place a bet and to select a game that you are interested in.

It’s important to place the bet as quickly as possible after you have made up your mind, as the odds that are offered on particular games can change depending on how the game is going.